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Product Packaging

There are a number of different automated DNA/RNA synthesisers in current use. Our standard product packaging is designed to be compatible with the original configuration of as many of the popular small to medium scale models as possible, the most common being the ABI391/392/394 series, the Expedite 8909 and the MerMade range.

The different bottles used in our packaging are listed in the table below.

 Code Size Type Neck Closure
A 8ml Amber glass 20mm Septum
B 15ml Amber glass 20mm Septum
C 30ml (1oz) Amber glass 18mm Screw
D 30ml (1oz) Amber glass 28-405 Screw
E 60ml Amber glass 18mm Screw
F 60ml Amber glass 20mm Septum
J 200ml (8oz) Amber glass 28-405 Screw

Routinely, most phosphoramidites are packed in the ABI-style (bottle A, B or F), however they can be ordered in Expedite (C or E) and MerMade (D or J) bottles as required. Note that catalogue numbers (SKUs) for Expedite or MerMade vials will be appended by either an E or M respectively (these are not the bottle codes).

Our column-packed CPG supports are routinely packaged in ALL-FIT columns suitable for use with most automated synthesisers which use the luer format, including ABI and Expedite instruments. Pipette-tip columns for use with MerMade instruments are also available. ABI3900 columns are not listed routinely, however may be available on request.

PNA products are packed in bottle C, as is EDITH.

Given the variety of instruments available, we do not list every possible bottle size. In many instances, however, where we do not list a type of packaging or bottle type we may still be able to assist you with what you require. Therefore please ask and we’ll do our best to help.

Where we supply bulk quantities of a product this will be supplied either in HDPE Nalgene® bottles (powders) or Schott/Duran bottles (oils) unless otherwise specified.

For most products, custom packaging is generally available on request.