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About AIC

Company Overview

AIC is an ISO Registered sales and marketing company serving the North American market since 1972.

Our success is built on long term partnerships with global manufacturers allowing us to provide our customers with consistent sources of quality raw materials. AIC also carries a complete line of biochemical products including DNA/RNA Synthesis Reagents and ACS Reagents through our Advanced Technology Division.

AIC’s experienced sales force and multi‐million dollar inventory is ready when you need it.

We are a true “stocking distributor” with over 20% of our sales dollars dedicated to inventory. Our network of strategically located warehouses is supported by experienced, trained transportation experts to provide prompt delivery based on your schedule.

AIC has the experience to help guide you through the challenging regulatory and documentation process.

Quality Policy

Provide our customers with raw materials, ingredients, and reagents of the highest quality, meeting all required standards, delivered safely and on schedule, at competitive prices, from consistent sources of supply.

Provide our employees with an environment that fosters personal and professional growth, safe, secure and healthy working conditions, dedication to satisfying customers’ needs, continual improvement, and successful teamwork with all business partners.

ISO9001:2008 Certificate

NACD/RDP Certificate